No it's happening again. I'm torn between two boys. One i shouldn't even have feelings for honestly. Larry has a girlfriend. No matter how many times i try to remember i wind up flirting and doing things i shouldn't. Be glad it's just over AIM. I am scared to think about what i would do if it was face to face. Then there's Malik. The boy i have never seen/met b4 in my life. He is a boy i have talked to over the phone numerous times. We e-mail each other and talk for hours. He is a giant sweetheart. Malik is the cousin of Tyler a boy i used to "go out" with. Tyler is actually in my class as well and sits next to me in math. But how the heck can i take this relationship forward if i never met the guy and i've only spoken to him. I'm trying not to lose my mind over here but come one!!! Why do these things happen. It makes sense but then again it doesn't.

I haven't been to Kung Fu since 3 weeks ago. I can easily sneak my way out of it. I hate it. I noe it is supposed to treat me how to defend myself and all but....IT SUCKS!!! It's hard work i'll tell you that. I have never hurt,sweat, worked out so much in my life. It is crazy in that dojo or whatever the heck it's called. My mom is staying at the Hyatt hotel anyway so she won't even know if i don't go 2moro :). Yesss!!!

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