Pic From 7th Gradee . I Dont Talk To Any Of them anymore :(

We DOn't really speak anymore.

Samee Thing For This Onee *

Don't Talk to any of them either :(

This is my lil bro. No Matter how much we fight , he comes before all friends !

I only speak to the boy cause that is the infamous Nisaiah ( mentioned in posts from 2009 ) .

DOn't speak to either of them. Only the one on the left sometimes :( ( 6th Gradee )

Don't talk to anyone in this pic either :(
Only Talk to the girl in the blue shirt

Trey Songz & Fabolous. They're friends ! lol

This Is An Emergency Post ! Friends are people you are close with. Make Sure you have good friends & surround yourself with the right people. Its A shame how many people i thought Were my friends & turned out not to be ! SMH

KiSSES :-*

The art of kissing . Something most of us want to master to better our relationships. Me personally , I Can't stand to kiss someone before the third "date" if that's what you like to call it . I need time ! & Im sorry to say but I HATE BAD KISSERS . Its not that I Have kissed a lot of people , its just if you want us to be together I can't NOT want to kiss you. If after we have our first kiss and I hate , either im going to grin & bare for the time being. And then after we get comfortable teach you OR im just going to have to end it . HARSH I know but we all have that one pet peev ! Now This Is not from experience of course . But if I ever come across a bad kisser those are my options . lol



This One Is NiCEEEEEEEEEEE =X ( Fabolous Voice )

Lol Just Clownin Around :-*

Lovee This :)

Something Simple *

Drake & Lady GaGa ( Onee Of My Favee Pics Ever )

First Day Of School At Notre Dame :-*



I Love Love Love This Pic Of Me :-* COLORSSS =DD

Me & My Messed Up Pin Curls * Lol

Such A Big Clown =DD

Always Classy , Never Trashy :-*
Undefined Beauty :)

Im So Happy I Transfered Schools . I Now Attend Notre Dame School . Its an all girls catholic school in manhattan . Although Im Not used to all girls schools it doesn't even matter because i need to focus on my school work because that's what is important * Well I don't have much time to sit & chat but i love all my bloggers & Im trying to post more often =D

- ♥