Pic From 7th Gradee . I Dont Talk To Any Of them anymore :(

We DOn't really speak anymore.

Samee Thing For This Onee *

Don't Talk to any of them either :(

This is my lil bro. No Matter how much we fight , he comes before all friends !

I only speak to the boy cause that is the infamous Nisaiah ( mentioned in posts from 2009 ) .

DOn't speak to either of them. Only the one on the left sometimes :( ( 6th Gradee )

Don't talk to anyone in this pic either :(
Only Talk to the girl in the blue shirt

Trey Songz & Fabolous. They're friends ! lol

This Is An Emergency Post ! Friends are people you are close with. Make Sure you have good friends & surround yourself with the right people. Its A shame how many people i thought Were my friends & turned out not to be ! SMH

KiSSES :-*

The art of kissing . Something most of us want to master to better our relationships. Me personally , I Can't stand to kiss someone before the third "date" if that's what you like to call it . I need time ! & Im sorry to say but I HATE BAD KISSERS . Its not that I Have kissed a lot of people , its just if you want us to be together I can't NOT want to kiss you. If after we have our first kiss and I hate , either im going to grin & bare for the time being. And then after we get comfortable teach you OR im just going to have to end it . HARSH I know but we all have that one pet peev ! Now This Is not from experience of course . But if I ever come across a bad kisser those are my options . lol



This One Is NiCEEEEEEEEEEE =X ( Fabolous Voice )

Lol Just Clownin Around :-*

Lovee This :)

Something Simple *

Drake & Lady GaGa ( Onee Of My Favee Pics Ever )

First Day Of School At Notre Dame :-*



I Love Love Love This Pic Of Me :-* COLORSSS =DD

Me & My Messed Up Pin Curls * Lol

Such A Big Clown =DD

Always Classy , Never Trashy :-*
Undefined Beauty :)

Im So Happy I Transfered Schools . I Now Attend Notre Dame School . Its an all girls catholic school in manhattan . Although Im Not used to all girls schools it doesn't even matter because i need to focus on my school work because that's what is important * Well I don't have much time to sit & chat but i love all my bloggers & Im trying to post more often =D

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I am a Teen

Being a teenager I go through some of the hardest things possible. This is going to be the most confusing part of my life. Even though I Have been a teen for quite some time now, this is just the begining !

I learned today that I have no friends at all :) Just To Sum It All Up . The Story Is kind of harsh and makes me want to cry every time I think about soo . . . I Don't think I Can Manage writing it . . .

No Friends . . . No Friends at all . . . Only People who are here for me are the members of my family & a select few people who minus-well be family :( . . . So My life is in an emotional wreck of some sort right now . And I Was looking for something to do with this wreck & I Thought to myself . . . Why Not blog ?

Well this fall I will be attending a catholic school in downtown Manhattan so i'll be home free of Frederick Douglass Academy , And I Will Make New Friends :) I Guess That's the bright side to it all . So life isn't all that bad . I Think I will be able to manage my wreck with some aid =/

I finally think I learned my lesson . . .It took long enough *


HeartBrokenn -*

I Was Bored That Night =/

Me & Cierra In The McDonalds Near My Moms Job. We Look Silly ! Lml
I Love The Way My Eyes Look In This Picturee !
Reenah, Cierra, And I. Im Apple Pie , CeCe Is BabyGurl, Reen Is HoneyDip . Lml
Cierra & I In The American Apparel On 125th Street
Me @ Six Flags. It Was My First Time ! Had A Lot Of Fun That Day =DD

Lol Me & Cierra In Her Step-Father'ss Car !
Just A Regular Day Out :) That Is My FAVORiTE Skirt . Hands Down =DD
Goofing Off On My Sister'ss Bed !
I Like This Pic For Some Reason =)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This Time Im angry. Hell Im beyond Angry. Im Through ! Im Sick Of Everything. I Feel Like I Want to get out of this life but can't find a way out -_______- .

So Daquan & I Tried dating. . . It didn't exactly work out. But no matter what i love him & He Was Indeed my first True love. To Bad i didn't blog on my BDayy ! It Was June9th ( Random Sentence) Uhm What Else Can I Tell You ? I Failed out this year, meaning i have summer school "/ What A Joy ! Tuhh ' Also In the line of bad new This boy who i hung out with once in my entire life & haven't seen him since - Mad a rumors we had sexual intercourse & now half the people On twitter & In My School Believe it . Too bad Im As Virgin As The Next Pina Colada . Smh - Im Just Sooooo Tired Of The Bull Man ; I Swear. I Try to be nice, i may come across as mean but I Understand what it's like to have so much yet, feel like you have nothing at all. I want so badly to change my position in life but i cant. All I can do right now is pray for change until i figure Out a way to change. On the bright side i got a bang =T . Even If that doesn't matter that much . Lol - I Like my band i think it looks cute on me ( Not To Be Conceited or anything) .

Well I'll build a bridge & get over my life somehow. I Hate It Thought. Nothing Seems To Go Right Anymore. Ughh Man I Sound Mad Emo & Junk . Oh Well, I'm An Emotional person. Can't hide that.


What's Up ?

Today In New York , Its Super Hot ! Just Like Yesterday . Lol ( Pic Above From Friday , In School )

I think today I am Seeing A Movie . Im Not Exactly Sure. So For Now I Took Some Time To Post ! Well Here We Go...

Boys Are Big Temptations . Most Girls Like Them & Most Of Them Like girls . They Have It Much Easier Tho . If You Thnk About It Girls Go Through All The Hardships & Junk ! We Have Our Period , We Give Birth, We Carry The Baby For 9 Months Before We Give Birth , If We Screw As Many People As They Do We Are Considered Sluts , And They Have A Better Time With Society ! Now Swallow All Of What I Just Said . Its True Right ? Lol

For Example A Boy Named Jafari ( Wierd Name I Know ) Who Used To Go Out With This Girl Named Dominique In My School , Who Im Really Cool With , Likes Me . Im Not Going To Lie There Is A Mutual Attraction But It Could Never Happen . For starters He Used To Go Out With Dominique & I Call her My Sister & He Is Really Good Friends With Branden My 11O5O9 . And Also Im Kind Of Occupied By A Whole Bunch Of Other Important Things !
Anyways Catch Me Some Other Time . Comment The Posts Though :)
BRouGHt TO YOU by BordeM laND ♥▼♣☺♦♠


So How's Life ?

My Blog Gives Me A Chance To Just Let Everything Out !

Especially My Problems...

So There's This Guy Named Daquan ( Boy In The PicTure ) . Oh Man He's The Best . We Dont Go Out Or Anything But We Talk . Talk Meaning We Kinda Sorta Mess , But Only A Few People Know About It . We're Keeping It A Secret Because He Knows My Ex & I Know A Girl Who Used To Like Him A Lot But He Cut Her Off .

We Stay Up All Night On The Phone Talking About Anything That Comes To Mind . Manner Of Fact I Think He Is The Cause Of This Little Illness I Have Right Now . From Lack Of Sleep Lol . But Its Okay ; I Like Suffering A Little For Him . He's A Year Older Than Me . He Turns 16 June 27th & I Turn 15 June 9th :) . * Note : I Can't Wait For My b-day* .

I Can Tell Him Anything Honestly* He Knows About All My Life Problems & Secrets . I Really Do Trust Him . He's More Than A secret Lover ; He Is Like My Personally Human Diary . My Feelings For Him Are So Deep Its Crazy . He's A Lot Taller Than Me Also . He's About 5'11 & Im About 5'2 . Lmao . I Know Huge Difference Right . He Also plays Basketball & He's Really Good . He Doesn't Plan On Going Pro Though . There's So Much More To His Story But Too Much To Type . Lol

He's Not The Best Looking Guy But Who Cares ? Lol . There's So Much More ; His Soul Is The Most Handsome Thing I Have Ever Come Across . Ofcourse We Argue . We Argue A Lot ; But It Seems Out Of Love . Don't Worry Im Not Falling Head Over Heals . I Know Where My Boundaries Lie With These Boys Now-A-Days . Lol


Well Todayy I Met My Mother's Boyfriend . Its Funny He Kinda Looks My Algebra Teacher . His Name Is Gregory . He Has Two Daughters Of His & His Used To Be Cop . He retired Because He Got Shot . Where ? I Think His Arm . He's Fine Now Though . If You Saw Him In The Street You Would Think He Was A Regular Guy . Lol ; My Brother & I Took A Liking To Him . He's Really Cool & Laughs At My Natural FunnyNess Like Everyone Else . I Think He Is Good For My Mom . He Makes Her Really Happy ; Or So It Seems . Lol

Well Im Currently Listening To Music . Glad I Got A Chance To Blog And Let A Few Feelings Out :) It Keeps My Healthy !

Twitter : @PlentyMoney_Dee

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And Anything Else You Know Where To Find Me :)

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I Hate My Life . I Can Honestly Say I Hate My Life . I Just Want To ......

Last Night iBegged My Mom To Let Me Go To This Party . And Of Course Being That She Is my Mother It Led Into An Arquement. Her & My Father Make Me Do All Kinds Of Things I Don't want to But Don't Give Me The Slightest Bit Of freedom . Maybe Then If They Did iWould Change But For Now I Dont Care Anymore. I Just Dont Wanna Have This Life . Im Sick Of Everything . I Dont Want To Sound Emo Or Anything But, I Just Can't Do It Anymore. Im Too Weak With These Constant migranes , injuries from my father, emotional abuse, school work , sports, and everything that goes on at home . My Body & Mind Just Cant Take It Anymore .

Well, I Have to get ready for school. I know this was a short post but, It's All iHave Time for.
BROUGHt to You bY BoRDEm LanD ♥♣☺☻♥♠♣♣◘○


Enough About Me Though . Let's Talk About You

S.O.T.D. Prom Queen By Lil Wayne [Typical Highschool Story] (Random Pics Of Me & Others Above . =]

HeHe New Crush Of The Week ; Since It Seems To Chanqe Every Week : Elijah ! [No Need For An Intro He Mitee Not Last Long]

Sometimes I Just Wonder Why Life Is Life . And Then I Take My Self On This Day Dream Journey About All The Things I've Been Through . Why Are Girls So Fragile sometimes ? Do We Listen To Those Fairytale Books That Make Us Think Love Is All Flowers & Kisses & Sex ? Well Its Not . So Far iLearned That Older People Are Right . Some Of Us Youngin's Just Don't Know What Love Is . Its More Than The Cute Stuff ; Love Has Its Own Mask That Makes It Look Pretty . But, Love Can Be A Trap Or It Can Be The Key To Your Life . Love Has So Many Faces . But , This Is Just How iFeel About Love . iCould Very Well Be Wrong .

Another Wonder About Life Is Music. Music To Me Is Food For The Soul. Music Is Everywhere , you just Cant Escape It . I Love Music More Than Life Itself Sometimes. Music Has Pulled Me Through Abuse, school , Social Issues , And A Bunch Of Other Crap. There Is No Life If There Is No Music . Even If It Is That Song That You Jus Cant Seem To Get Out Of Your Head That Day & Its Just Keeps Popping Back Up At Random Times .
Everyone Wonders About Something In Their Life . It Could Be The Simplest Things , Like Why Are There Trees Or Why Did The "Creator" [For lack Of A Better Word] Create Us. So Many Wonders But , iGuess That's Just Life . Will It Be Like This Forever ?

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Anything Else ? Just Contact Me . =]
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The End . Of What Though ?

What Do You Do When You Feel Like Giving Up. When You Know There's No Hope ?

So Im Haitian And iWas Greatly Affected By The Earthquake In Haiti. Almost All Of My Fmaily Survived Except For My Aunt Malily. She Was Found Crushed Under Her House. The Crazy Thing Is She Was In New York Just A couple Of Weeks ago On New Years. I Just Saw Her . Smh . MAy She RIP

While I Haven't Been Blogging:

  • The Earthquake In Haiti Took My Aunts Life

  • I Saw The Movie Avatar In 3D. It Was SPECTACULAR

  • Watched Romeo Must Die . An Old Movie That Aaliyah & Jet Li Was In

  • Still Trying To Bring My Grades Up But, Struggling dearly

  • Started Reading The Lastest Vampire Academy book

  • Fallen really hard for a boy Named Milo

  • Stopped Falling For Branden but, somehow cant find a way to break-up with him

  • emotionally distraught

  • Become sick of all my teachers

  • Cut more classes =/

  • Got sick but, not the flu

  • Started Reading The Great Gatsby After all those years of seeing it on the Barnes & Nobles Bag

  • always tired, falling alseep in class

  • Got accepted To Notre Dame & Cardinal Spellman (Catholic Highschools In New York)

  • Started Writing another story but, dont know where im going with it


And That's About It .

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New Year . Same Denise ?

2k10 = 2010 ! Happy New Year =]

Where To Begin ? See So Much Happens When i dont blog. Its been exactly a month since my last post. And Since i have only one consistant reader im guessing im not missed. =[

  • My Grandmother Died [Dad's Mother]

  • Got put on lockdown by parents

  • Many people at my school believe I Made this fake myspace page that talks horribly about people from my school and people who have relations to my school

  • Branden & Me <3>
  • Christmas Was Amazing / New Years Was Spectacular

  • Started Trying to pick my grades up

  • Got Belly-Beads (Beads that you put around ur stomach and never take them off until one day they pop

  • Recieved 200$ From this guy who's obbsessed with my mother

  • My Allergies have been getting worse (puking involved & lost the ability to taste food)

  • I kissed Timothy & Regretably "cheated" on Branden

  • joined a team called "Young Gunna Barbies" dnt get me wrong i will always hate BARBIE ! Lol

  • I Have Become Addicted To Sour Patch

  • still love almost every kind of ugg boot

  • Almost got a girl jumped because of a big misunderstanding. and got our parents involved and somehow her boyfriend . now were friends & ive known her boyfriend since last year - He still likes my fake twin even if he has a girlfriend

  • Slammed Branden's Head into a wall making him bleed & have to get stitches ; ACCIDENT so he forgave me (They had to shut down the school nurse to take care of him)

  • became in love with TWITTER ! Its Really Fun
  • New Crush - Cant make something happen because 11O5O9 Is taking place
  • Marquise Still travels through my mind daily ; wonder if he found something he thinks is better than me ? =/
  • O9O3O7 (Twin Date) TwinShip Builds Stronger And Stronger
  • pick my little brother up from school everyday now

Thats About It .

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