HeartBrokenn -*

I Was Bored That Night =/

Me & Cierra In The McDonalds Near My Moms Job. We Look Silly ! Lml
I Love The Way My Eyes Look In This Picturee !
Reenah, Cierra, And I. Im Apple Pie , CeCe Is BabyGurl, Reen Is HoneyDip . Lml
Cierra & I In The American Apparel On 125th Street
Me @ Six Flags. It Was My First Time ! Had A Lot Of Fun That Day =DD

Lol Me & Cierra In Her Step-Father'ss Car !
Just A Regular Day Out :) That Is My FAVORiTE Skirt . Hands Down =DD
Goofing Off On My Sister'ss Bed !
I Like This Pic For Some Reason =)
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This Time Im angry. Hell Im beyond Angry. Im Through ! Im Sick Of Everything. I Feel Like I Want to get out of this life but can't find a way out -_______- .

So Daquan & I Tried dating. . . It didn't exactly work out. But no matter what i love him & He Was Indeed my first True love. To Bad i didn't blog on my BDayy ! It Was June9th ( Random Sentence) Uhm What Else Can I Tell You ? I Failed out this year, meaning i have summer school "/ What A Joy ! Tuhh ' Also In the line of bad new This boy who i hung out with once in my entire life & haven't seen him since - Mad a rumors we had sexual intercourse & now half the people On twitter & In My School Believe it . Too bad Im As Virgin As The Next Pina Colada . Smh - Im Just Sooooo Tired Of The Bull Man ; I Swear. I Try to be nice, i may come across as mean but I Understand what it's like to have so much yet, feel like you have nothing at all. I want so badly to change my position in life but i cant. All I can do right now is pray for change until i figure Out a way to change. On the bright side i got a bang =T . Even If that doesn't matter that much . Lol - I Like my band i think it looks cute on me ( Not To Be Conceited or anything) .

Well I'll build a bridge & get over my life somehow. I Hate It Thought. Nothing Seems To Go Right Anymore. Ughh Man I Sound Mad Emo & Junk . Oh Well, I'm An Emotional person. Can't hide that.