Crystal Sunset

I was just listening to David Archuleta. My favorite song from him is crush. I am in love with that song. Happy Valentine's Day btw!! Even though I hate this holiday i wanted to wish you all a happy one. I got a whole lot for valentine's day. so did my sister. Her NEW bf Blake got her a few things. I only got a peek because by the time i got home from my little exploration they were both ready at my house ready to leave. I am starting to question Blake...I wonder if he doesn't like me... :(.....I almost said something mean about him.. I feel kind of bad because the only thing he ever said about me that offended me was that i was a little too hyper...w.e. it's not like he's my bf..ok secret time: This is a really juicy scret. I still like Larry even though he goes out with that gurl...uqqhhh....I wish she would just vanish..Then again I don't want to be some last resort or rebound or anything like that. I can't stop thinking about him. He needs to make some moves. But the thing is ...I will don't know when the heck i am going to see him....It makes me wonder how i have survived without him. In camp he was one of the reasons why i came back and went everyday (even when he wasn't there :-*) Sometimes my own methods confuse myself. My nosey older sister has been trying to figure me out for a long time... Never going to happen because no one can understand me. My future therapist probably won't even understand where i am coming from. I like that because that gives me a mysterious sense to myself.. Wait that didn't make a lick of sense (a lick?)...see i question myself all the time. Huh....i am so queer :) i luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv luv it...