What's Up ?

Today In New York , Its Super Hot ! Just Like Yesterday . Lol ( Pic Above From Friday , In School )

I think today I am Seeing A Movie . Im Not Exactly Sure. So For Now I Took Some Time To Post ! Well Here We Go...

Boys Are Big Temptations . Most Girls Like Them & Most Of Them Like girls . They Have It Much Easier Tho . If You Thnk About It Girls Go Through All The Hardships & Junk ! We Have Our Period , We Give Birth, We Carry The Baby For 9 Months Before We Give Birth , If We Screw As Many People As They Do We Are Considered Sluts , And They Have A Better Time With Society ! Now Swallow All Of What I Just Said . Its True Right ? Lol

For Example A Boy Named Jafari ( Wierd Name I Know ) Who Used To Go Out With This Girl Named Dominique In My School , Who Im Really Cool With , Likes Me . Im Not Going To Lie There Is A Mutual Attraction But It Could Never Happen . For starters He Used To Go Out With Dominique & I Call her My Sister & He Is Really Good Friends With Branden My 11O5O9 . And Also Im Kind Of Occupied By A Whole Bunch Of Other Important Things !
Anyways Catch Me Some Other Time . Comment The Posts Though :)
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So How's Life ?

My Blog Gives Me A Chance To Just Let Everything Out !

Especially My Problems...

So There's This Guy Named Daquan ( Boy In The PicTure ) . Oh Man He's The Best . We Dont Go Out Or Anything But We Talk . Talk Meaning We Kinda Sorta Mess , But Only A Few People Know About It . We're Keeping It A Secret Because He Knows My Ex & I Know A Girl Who Used To Like Him A Lot But He Cut Her Off .

We Stay Up All Night On The Phone Talking About Anything That Comes To Mind . Manner Of Fact I Think He Is The Cause Of This Little Illness I Have Right Now . From Lack Of Sleep Lol . But Its Okay ; I Like Suffering A Little For Him . He's A Year Older Than Me . He Turns 16 June 27th & I Turn 15 June 9th :) . * Note : I Can't Wait For My b-day* .

I Can Tell Him Anything Honestly* He Knows About All My Life Problems & Secrets . I Really Do Trust Him . He's More Than A secret Lover ; He Is Like My Personally Human Diary . My Feelings For Him Are So Deep Its Crazy . He's A Lot Taller Than Me Also . He's About 5'11 & Im About 5'2 . Lmao . I Know Huge Difference Right . He Also plays Basketball & He's Really Good . He Doesn't Plan On Going Pro Though . There's So Much More To His Story But Too Much To Type . Lol

He's Not The Best Looking Guy But Who Cares ? Lol . There's So Much More ; His Soul Is The Most Handsome Thing I Have Ever Come Across . Ofcourse We Argue . We Argue A Lot ; But It Seems Out Of Love . Don't Worry Im Not Falling Head Over Heals . I Know Where My Boundaries Lie With These Boys Now-A-Days . Lol


Well Todayy I Met My Mother's Boyfriend . Its Funny He Kinda Looks My Algebra Teacher . His Name Is Gregory . He Has Two Daughters Of His & His Used To Be Cop . He retired Because He Got Shot . Where ? I Think His Arm . He's Fine Now Though . If You Saw Him In The Street You Would Think He Was A Regular Guy . Lol ; My Brother & I Took A Liking To Him . He's Really Cool & Laughs At My Natural FunnyNess Like Everyone Else . I Think He Is Good For My Mom . He Makes Her Really Happy ; Or So It Seems . Lol

Well Im Currently Listening To Music . Glad I Got A Chance To Blog And Let A Few Feelings Out :) It Keeps My Healthy !

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And Anything Else You Know Where To Find Me :)

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