{CONFUSED}...not really

I'm sorry. This girl can't help it. This girl really can't help it. I'm ending this..watchamacallit with Malik hopefully tonight. I have a new goal. And that goal is to try not to piss off my sister. No thats not really my goal. I'm have plenty of time to search for that. But today i decided to about someone else's problems. For once this post will have nothinqq to do with me. HERE GOES NOTHING

My friend (can't mention names) likes a boy. She is a girl so don't worry that's not the wierd part. The boy is handsome to her. They have dated before but broke up for reasons unknow to man. My friend still has feelings for this character. For some reason she still has a strong attraction to him because there break-up wasn't all that serious. They just decided out of the blue. But she also has her heart set on another boy she dated but broke up with him for the boy i just mentioned. She has never met the first boy to this day. They had a "Phone Relationship" for quite some time. She promised him once they broke-up that when she met him if she believed he was cute she would get back with him. But for now she remains single....Or atleast from what I know. But i think she would tell the truth to me because we are the closest out of any of our other friends. I trust her enough for her to tell me the real truth.


Anonymous said...

I have to say everytime I see Jayden I swoon<3333333333333 he is so funny and adorable. I will never get tired of that family:)