im currently: cryinq my eyes out [11:04 pm]

as i was sayinq. the last day of school turned out to be a bad day. at first nisaiah nd i seemed 2 be doinq the friend thinq ohk. Then all of a sudden he stopped talkinq to me. i didnt want to invade his personal space so i just left it alone. i took the train home with the smut (monee) and atiyana my bestiie. nd not 2 mention nisaiah taqqed alonq. but i think he only came 4 monee. he wasn't talkinq at all. neither was monee it was akward bcuzz atiyana nd i were qoofinq around beinq loud nd they were juss dead silent.
nd when it was me nd atiyana's stop i didnt even hear him say bye 2 me once i said it. my soul almost crushed into a little ball. i thouqht we were friends. even tho i hoped we could still be somethinq more deep down inside. as atiyana was walkinq me home. we poured our hearts out about those stupid old boy problems we had. but there was nothinq either of us could [or so we thouqht] bcuzz it was the last day of school. there would be a whole 'nother 3 months until we saw them...nd riqht b4 atiyana nd i parted i told her i was qoinq to cry when i qot home. then i was qoinq 2 take a nap.
later on that same day i packed my clothes nd qot ready 2 qo to cierra's house.

im qoinq 2 try 2 finished the next post buht riqht now i cnt even think. im cryinqq 2 much. hopefully 2mmr ill have a better shot. nd ill let u guys noe why im cryinq. juss know it has 02 do with nisaiah.

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Update.! on my life

its been months...i know
I've qrown a lot since i last posted. thinqs have chanqed buht all for the better. i haven't had time 02 bloq.! i miss all of you nd thanks 02 all my followers.

I am currently in an akward relationship with a boy named Nisaiah. Juss like isaiah with an N. We have been throuqh some touqh times. we have been on and off since like 3.10.09. im in love♥. atleast i think.lolss. buhht ive never in my life ever felt this way about a boy b4. i miqht have said this before buht this is so uhmazinqly different. he miqht juss be special.
well juss last niqht we had another problem. when we had our most recent break up 02daiis b4 the last daii of skool. he kissed some qirl named Skye. i qot ova iht the same day it happened. i didnt care cuzz we technically weren't qoinq out at the time. We broke uhp cuzz he was flirtinq with other qirls on this [conference] call that a lot of us had. he flirted wiff 02 qirls. monee[smut] nd taylor[old friend]. smh. i juss called him nd told him iht was ova. 02 meh there was nothinqq 02 really talk about bcuzz he had been cauqht doin somethinq sleezay. he thouqht he was slick buhht i was on the phone the whole time.
the next day he moved on to skye. some qirl who could be pretty buhht he mouth bothers meh.! she had liked him since they were in seventh grade.[he has been leftback so he is older than meh]. they kisssed in the stairwell at my friends house. we had been cuttin the last week of skool at his house. buht the very last day of skool we went. when iFound out i didnt really care. i kept about my business. cierra thouqht i should talk 02 him. so she called him into the hallway nd made me come out after him. he told ppl i asked him back out buht i swear 02 god i didnt. no crosses count. i asked him why he didnt juss tell meh he liked monee nd taylor.smh. his pride seemed 02 block his view at that point.
that same niqht conroy nd avery called meh. conroy[roy] is my fake sista cierra's boyfriend. nd avery is juss a friend. they are both in the 8th qrade nd are qood friends with nisaiah. they asked me a whole bunch of questions i felt were unecessary buht i answered them anyway. i knew nisaiah was on the line so i answered them wisely nd with full truth. then roy pretended that he hadn't been on the line the whole time nd called him. we arqued a lot buht in the end of that conversation we decided 02 be friends. wierd riqht.?!
the next day was thee last day of school. i qot dressed in reqular clothes nd met uhp with cierra so we could enter the school 02qether. on my way 02 meet her i saw deon nd nisaiah about 02 enter the school. i waved 02 the both of them nd ran 02 cierra so we could qet in the skool asap. most of everyone was in reqular clothes when we arrived in the cafteria. all the students that had on reqular clothes had 02 stayt in the cafeteria until report cards were distributed. i chanqed in the bathroom into my flip flops. i took the shirt that covered my tank top off 04 a second nd cierra took it nd ran from meh.! i was mahd. cuzz the tank top showed off characteristics that i dnt normally show off. especially in front of classmates.! personally my chest is kinda biq. buht that doesnt mean i would want 02 show iht off at all.! buhht i had nothinq 02 cover myself so i had to wear the tank top. nd when nisaiah saw meh in the hallway his eyes lit uhp. nd i almost blushed.! how can i blush...lolss i thouqht i was completely ova him buht i wasn't sadly.
when skool let out 04 the last time b4 the summa it was about 11:45 i believe. thass when we had our lil water fiqht. i had like 2 poland sprinq bottles buht that was iht. i qot soaked 02 the underwear. i qot hit with water balloons nd splashed with opponents water bottles.

02 be continued....

i missed postinqq my unbelievebly odd stories...lolss