My Egyptian Lover

Again the title has nothing to do with te post. It is a song i am sooo in love with. It is by DJ Spacecowboy ft. Nadia. Listen to it!! As i always do when i pay my visits to bordem land i have to do something out of the ordinary.

See here is the thing:

The thing. The most undescriable word. Honestly i hate/love the word thing. Its bland yet says so much. It leaves open space for any idea. No matter how big or how small. But it's just a word right??? How am i supposed to know?!Thing could mean anything. Thing could be anything. You see how confusing it is. If you really think about it THING is anyTHING.

OK....i changed my mind. I dedicate "MY EGYPTIAN LOVER" to larry (as said in my old post). Yea so what he's not Egyptian....but if you listen to the song you'll see what i mean. Now for the dream sequence or part of the post about my old dream.

Dream 1: There is a crowd with thousands of people. I am focused on the only thing that is running past me. It's larry oddly enough. He is staring dead at me. I'm staring back. And for a while we just stare at each other. Then through all the pushing people he extends his hand to me. I stare at for a second then give him my hand. Then we push through the crowd the opposite way that they are running. Then i wake up.

Dream 2: I'm sitting down on a carpet. A leg moves over my head. I look up to see Larry laughing at me. He says hello and i gasp to see it's him. He laughs a little more and then pulls out a newspaper. I'm on the cover! It is a picture of me pulling my head out of a barrel of water. My hair ad my face are all wet. My hair lifts the water so delicately and with such grace it looks like an excellent piece of photography (just the way i like it). He laughs a little more and then i awake.

Those 2 dreams i really did dream. They happened about a few days apart last month. Last month i wasn't able to post them because i had been away from blogger. But as you can see...I think it might be fate for Larry and I to be together. I think about him...he thinks about me. But there are things stopping us which brings me to rethink what i thought b4. Maybe fate ha othe ideas for us from what we want. Maybe we have to want it more than we already do. There are so many possibilities in life...and not enough time to live them. Don't dwell on something when you have your whole life ahead of you. There are somethings you have to let go of. No matter how much it hurts you inside. That's the part that really sucks.

THE LAST DAY OF CAMP: I had it all planned out that last day. I was going t slip my number into Larry's bag at the end of the day when he wasn't looking. That way when he opened it he would be able to call me after camp. My plan was foiled when he didnt come that last day. I was so disapointed but i kept it moving. There were other people i had to say good-bye to as well.

See life doesn't always go as planned.You better embrace it. You have no other choice.

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♥cherry. le. fait. said...

i wish i could do some dream analysis! darn! i wonder what your dreams really mean? they seem symbolic for something other than your obvious adoration for this gentleman. who knows?..