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I was listening to Halo by beyonce just little while ago. The song talks about Beyonce tearing down her protection to let the most holy guy she has ever met into her heart. She finally believes she has found the right one. Sometimes i love to hear stories through music. not only does it inspire me but it shows me that stories come in all forms. I love to write. Life stories are the best because they are more real than you can possibly imgaine.

I love love. I was admiring the Obamas the other day and it made me realize love does exist. Maybe only in a distance but it is still there. You have to try and look for it. In very few cases does love come to you. Once you find love there is only a slight possibilty that you will realize it right away. It could take years before you notice. And if you take too long someone else could take that love away from you. Maybe on purpose or not.....

In other news my title had nothing to do with my post. I did that to throw off track of what i was really going to write. LARRY is the next topic. Like i said for some reason a lot ofmy posts have to do with him. If you don't know who the heck he might wanna retrace your steps a bit. He is all over my old posts. We were on AIM again last night and...and well this time things got deep. We were talking about how crazy i was (not mentally) and i asked him if he hated my crazziness. He said he LOVED it. I awwwwwed him and i knew he was blushing on the other side of the spectrum. Now im not saying he loved me. I;m justsaying he loves my personality. And he already knows how he feels about how i look. Everyone who went to camp with us does. hehehehe.

So i was just watching THE MIST....A nasty and scary movie....Whewww it was my first that was soo crazy....g2g my bf is on myspace and we soo need to talk after what happened last night!!!

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★self-proclaimed spontaneous thinker★ said...

I have one question: where are you finding all of these A-MAZING pictures that are all over your blog!????

Ahhh, I'm going crazy cause I love the pictures sooo much! :D


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

reminds me of how i felt about a guy years ago. ironically enough, his name is larry too! but hopefully yours is a lot more worthwhile. good luck!

(: ♡♥CoNvErSe--SMiLeS™♥♡ :D said...

I love te picture,
well keep posting, k?