Can you really label this?

creating the new beggining isn't so hard. my goodness i think i just finihsed reading one of the best books i have ever read. anyway im not going to keep my other blog. i've given it a lot of thought and i don't have time. can you believe that?! my young life is being filled with no time. Ok since i have blogged in a couple days i have exciting news....eeeppp!!! guess who larry is now associated with ever since he dumped got it ME! when he told me they were through i went ballistic..i wanted to bounce of the walls. so he asked me if i would take her place blazay blahhh...ofcourse i said yes! I am so we're meeting up soon. i don't wanna take any of my friends but then again cierra could be a huge help...omgeeshhh i can't wait to see him. im just......speechless about this whole situation :-D. Me and Larry....*sigh* please pinch me if im dreaming. ok so so so so so so i will post later but im headed straight to school right now. I'm so freaking ready to go to school for some odd reason...just for the social life i am now in complete control of!!!

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