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My New BFF :) I Call Her My Twin ! ( We Were Making Fun Of Fake UGGS )

Us Again - *

My Little Brother & I ♥

One of my sisters & I

My Cousin Annna ♥ She's Coming To My School Next Year =D

My New Friend Jami :) I Call Her My Bitch :) Lol

GiANTS ^^^^^^

Priscilla & I - She'sss My Locker Buddy

I don't like my father but we have our moments *

Priscilla & I Again

Kinda late for a new years post huh ? Well I'm always late . Fashionably of course.

Well Notre Dame ( My New School ) Is One Of The Best Things That Ever Happened To Me. New friends, new teachers, new environment , new everything ! I needed a fresh start & that's exactly what I got.

I'll continue posting of course. I can't right now because I have track in about in hour and gotta prepare myself !

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Pic From 7th Gradee . I Dont Talk To Any Of them anymore :(

We DOn't really speak anymore.

Samee Thing For This Onee *

Don't Talk to any of them either :(

This is my lil bro. No Matter how much we fight , he comes before all friends !

I only speak to the boy cause that is the infamous Nisaiah ( mentioned in posts from 2009 ) .

DOn't speak to either of them. Only the one on the left sometimes :( ( 6th Gradee )

Don't talk to anyone in this pic either :(
Only Talk to the girl in the blue shirt

Trey Songz & Fabolous. They're friends ! lol

This Is An Emergency Post ! Friends are people you are close with. Make Sure you have good friends & surround yourself with the right people. Its A shame how many people i thought Were my friends & turned out not to be ! SMH

KiSSES :-*

The art of kissing . Something most of us want to master to better our relationships. Me personally , I Can't stand to kiss someone before the third "date" if that's what you like to call it . I need time ! & Im sorry to say but I HATE BAD KISSERS . Its not that I Have kissed a lot of people , its just if you want us to be together I can't NOT want to kiss you. If after we have our first kiss and I hate , either im going to grin & bare for the time being. And then after we get comfortable teach you OR im just going to have to end it . HARSH I know but we all have that one pet peev ! Now This Is not from experience of course . But if I ever come across a bad kisser those are my options . lol



This One Is NiCEEEEEEEEEEE =X ( Fabolous Voice )

Lol Just Clownin Around :-*

Lovee This :)

Something Simple *

Drake & Lady GaGa ( Onee Of My Favee Pics Ever )

First Day Of School At Notre Dame :-*



I Love Love Love This Pic Of Me :-* COLORSSS =DD

Me & My Messed Up Pin Curls * Lol

Such A Big Clown =DD

Always Classy , Never Trashy :-*
Undefined Beauty :)

Im So Happy I Transfered Schools . I Now Attend Notre Dame School . Its an all girls catholic school in manhattan . Although Im Not used to all girls schools it doesn't even matter because i need to focus on my school work because that's what is important * Well I don't have much time to sit & chat but i love all my bloggers & Im trying to post more often =D

- ♥


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I am a Teen

Being a teenager I go through some of the hardest things possible. This is going to be the most confusing part of my life. Even though I Have been a teen for quite some time now, this is just the begining !

I learned today that I have no friends at all :) Just To Sum It All Up . The Story Is kind of harsh and makes me want to cry every time I think about soo . . . I Don't think I Can Manage writing it . . .

No Friends . . . No Friends at all . . . Only People who are here for me are the members of my family & a select few people who minus-well be family :( . . . So My life is in an emotional wreck of some sort right now . And I Was looking for something to do with this wreck & I Thought to myself . . . Why Not blog ?

Well this fall I will be attending a catholic school in downtown Manhattan so i'll be home free of Frederick Douglass Academy , And I Will Make New Friends :) I Guess That's the bright side to it all . So life isn't all that bad . I Think I will be able to manage my wreck with some aid =/

I finally think I learned my lesson . . .It took long enough *


HeartBrokenn -*

I Was Bored That Night =/

Me & Cierra In The McDonalds Near My Moms Job. We Look Silly ! Lml
I Love The Way My Eyes Look In This Picturee !
Reenah, Cierra, And I. Im Apple Pie , CeCe Is BabyGurl, Reen Is HoneyDip . Lml
Cierra & I In The American Apparel On 125th Street
Me @ Six Flags. It Was My First Time ! Had A Lot Of Fun That Day =DD

Lol Me & Cierra In Her Step-Father'ss Car !
Just A Regular Day Out :) That Is My FAVORiTE Skirt . Hands Down =DD
Goofing Off On My Sister'ss Bed !
I Like This Pic For Some Reason =)
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This Time Im angry. Hell Im beyond Angry. Im Through ! Im Sick Of Everything. I Feel Like I Want to get out of this life but can't find a way out -_______- .

So Daquan & I Tried dating. . . It didn't exactly work out. But no matter what i love him & He Was Indeed my first True love. To Bad i didn't blog on my BDayy ! It Was June9th ( Random Sentence) Uhm What Else Can I Tell You ? I Failed out this year, meaning i have summer school "/ What A Joy ! Tuhh ' Also In the line of bad new This boy who i hung out with once in my entire life & haven't seen him since - Mad a rumors we had sexual intercourse & now half the people On twitter & In My School Believe it . Too bad Im As Virgin As The Next Pina Colada . Smh - Im Just Sooooo Tired Of The Bull Man ; I Swear. I Try to be nice, i may come across as mean but I Understand what it's like to have so much yet, feel like you have nothing at all. I want so badly to change my position in life but i cant. All I can do right now is pray for change until i figure Out a way to change. On the bright side i got a bang =T . Even If that doesn't matter that much . Lol - I Like my band i think it looks cute on me ( Not To Be Conceited or anything) .

Well I'll build a bridge & get over my life somehow. I Hate It Thought. Nothing Seems To Go Right Anymore. Ughh Man I Sound Mad Emo & Junk . Oh Well, I'm An Emotional person. Can't hide that.


What's Up ?

Today In New York , Its Super Hot ! Just Like Yesterday . Lol ( Pic Above From Friday , In School )

I think today I am Seeing A Movie . Im Not Exactly Sure. So For Now I Took Some Time To Post ! Well Here We Go...

Boys Are Big Temptations . Most Girls Like Them & Most Of Them Like girls . They Have It Much Easier Tho . If You Thnk About It Girls Go Through All The Hardships & Junk ! We Have Our Period , We Give Birth, We Carry The Baby For 9 Months Before We Give Birth , If We Screw As Many People As They Do We Are Considered Sluts , And They Have A Better Time With Society ! Now Swallow All Of What I Just Said . Its True Right ? Lol

For Example A Boy Named Jafari ( Wierd Name I Know ) Who Used To Go Out With This Girl Named Dominique In My School , Who Im Really Cool With , Likes Me . Im Not Going To Lie There Is A Mutual Attraction But It Could Never Happen . For starters He Used To Go Out With Dominique & I Call her My Sister & He Is Really Good Friends With Branden My 11O5O9 . And Also Im Kind Of Occupied By A Whole Bunch Of Other Important Things !
Anyways Catch Me Some Other Time . Comment The Posts Though :)
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