She so dangerous

"Don't play with fire."

"Don't go messing with you girl's hearts."

"Don't add fuel to the fire."

These are things you should be told before hand. I'm dangerous. I'm a crazy weapon you should only have to fire once know...take care of the job. I'm like that weapon from Iron Man. Deadly. Whcich makes people just want me more. I have a temper that shouldn't be tampered with. So tomorrow I'm going to do it. When I go to midnight mass looking amazing and fresh and outstanding and did i mention amazing, I will talk to him. Not flirt. Maybe just a little, but I want, really want to show him I am a force to be reckoned with because after all this time I can still be nice and have a cool slick flow. I am going to rock my personal image so hard I won't know who I am. My wrath will show. No more nice girl. No more shy girl. I'm taking charge. forget whoever doubts me because I'm me and that's said and done. I don't want him to think little of me. Even though I'm shorter than him. I want him to think i am unstoppable. geez i am typing so fast i probably made a gazzilion typos but i am pissed in my own odd way. I want him to want me back so i can show him that DENISE LEE am not who i used to be. Im much wiser and more aware of the things that are being said behind my back. I am new and improved I have to show this somehow. I can't be scared anymore. I have to be the one who steps up and doesn't back down. I have to be her. I have to have to have to. Not as a bad image but I don't want to be the girl i fear the most. I am sick and tired of her. she is gone. kaput. out the window. the real non-dwelling denise is here and ready to take some action. Look out here i come. Dangerous and ready to aim.


Lonely Heart said...

I love that picture of Wrath. I'm still in the middle of sketching it. I suck at facial features though.

J●Me™ said...

That is wonderful that you are thinking this! Go You!! lol

♥cherry. le. fait. said...

ooh! you make want to start singing "Barracuda" by Heart! fiesty! hope it all works out, but the way that you describe it, it has no choice but to give you results!

sophie~chan said...

Girl power! you show him! love that picture of wrath...very cool. And that last qoute was very cool....
Dangerous and ready to aim.

did you come up with it your self?

mariposa said...

You go, girl! :) Hope it turns out well for you.

Taylor said...

your blog is cool!
check mine out.
tAyLoR BaUm