December 9th's characters

The free spirit. She has been through thick and thin and still pulls through. She doesn't care what other peopl say. She does everything her way. But she knows she can always use some help.

The graceful and happy girl. Nerver once has she hit a serious hard time in her life. She trembles at the thought of having a bad day. Although she knows it is coming and has to come.

The beauty who is afraid of the beast. always focuses on the postitive. slightly selfish but tries to maek it seem like she really cares. She is so high matinence that she could burn through your heart in an instant.
The boy with a future but no set in stone goals. He searches and searches until he knows he has found something right. nothing can stop him on his path to success.

The daydreamer. The ditsy girl from outspace. Drinks too much and thinks too little. Yet somehow through all her flaws manages to keep up with the latest fashion.

The crazy girl you never bring in public. You're afraid of what people might think if you hang out with her. You scared of the possible outcome of you hanging out. More like crazying out and scaring a whole bunch of innocent people.

Quiet until you get her alone. She seems so suttle and peacful. But underneath that secretive layer is a party girl waiting to explode. She's smart but craves more than just brains.

The ultimate girlfriend. She would never cheat. She would never lie or do anything to hurt you. She has limits, limits that you can't pass without permission. Access is either denied or granted.


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

what a motley of characters. who are they exactly? are they all you? i know i have quite a few of my own.