Click Clack

Click clack moo. Clickty clack moo, cows that type. I'm not referring to myself ofcourse. It is a book I read when I was little. I remember it as i listen to my keyboard. Mannn my keyboard is ooogly.I am curently listening to a kinda old song by USHER. Ok i tried not to say it but i am soooooooo bored right now. I was just responding to my comments an I lost my blog flow. It's gone for tonight but it will be back tomorow ofcourse. Hopefully!!

By blogger flow is my state of mind. My blog karma. Not that I am hindu :). I am actually CATHOLIC. ohh gosh i must sound boring to. Alright think nisey think.....
Ok I was talking about...Nooo my dream. My little fantasy I think about at night.

Here is a story line: There is a goddess of water who comes to earth in search of an evil fire goddess who refuses to come back to the world of gods and goddesses. The water goddess must destroy her before she reeks havoc on the entire earth.

Sometimes i wish I could control water like the girl in my fantasy. So instead of being a fairy today I am a water goddes. I can control the seas with my pinky finger. I would never go thirsty in my life. I would be able to take out fire within seconds. Yah! I wish I was a water goddess. I love water.

Wow see how i have progressed. I have placed a good ten topics in one post. I kick butt x 10!! Have a good time in bordem world my blogger friends :).


diANa bABEZz said...

OMGesh i kan't believe i actually sat down to read that. LOL let's see how u do "water godess" lol