December 15th's characters

The girl who holds back because of others. She lets people who don't care about her decide her future. And when it's time for her to make a decision on her own she won't know what to do.

She mysterious in her own joyus way. She is so fun loving yet you can never see what is really inside. Is it the happiness you see on the outside, or is it a foul darkness?

The dreamer. She lets her dreams get the best of her without noticing. She is afraid of truth and reality.

The oh so not innocent girl. That sly smile is all you get. She can backstab you or throw you under the bus. Which ever you prefer.

The loner. She likes being independent. The only company she enjoys is the company of her soul. She has no friends no family, but she still survives.
She struggles in school. She socializes more than she spends time with her family. School is just a bother to her not a help. She rather live with a boy than her family at the age of 16.

The girl genius. She's pushed so hard by her parents that her childhood is being taken away. If she continues with her super smart life she might just end up unhappy and lonely.

The dweller. She dwells on the past too often. She looses things and doesn't ever want to let go. She holds to many things inside her head. Wether is be past, present, or future.

The old man who is young at heart. He remembers his life as a child. He thinks about how he wishes he could go back but knows it is his time to grow old.

The girl who's somewhere she's not supposed to be. She knows she cheated her way into things she shouldn't have. She side-steps obstacles that she should jump over. She is always taking the easy way in life.


♥cherry. le. fait. said...

i'm floating somewhere between the dreamer and the dweller myself. it's a weird place to be. aww, darn: now i'm feeling a little emo and like i want to write a poem!

J●Me™ said...

Hi =]
Just telling you, i'm a new reader of your blog!
I don't follow people, but I add them onto a "coolness" list on my blog.
Your there =]

mariposa said...

Hey! That's such a cool idea to post descriptions of girls in different photos & you did a really great job :)

m e g • (an) said...

I love your blog!
In your header, on the right side with the two girls- I know them!
It's kels and kaitlyn!
It's like they're famous!

J●Me™ said...

Haha No problem =]