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{10;52 pm} My Life isn't in ruins compared to some people but, it is what we would call a slight mess. Boy problems: every girl has them . i just get them more often because of the people i choose to adore.

" We Like The One Who Ignore Us ; Ignore The Ones Who Like Us ; Love The Ones Who Hurt Us ; And Hurt The Ones Who Love Us ." - Dont know

Its The sad yet simple fact about life. yay ! im growing up. To a certain extent.

The Reason Why iHaven't been posting is because ive been busy . i miss blogging so much. ive made friends from different parts of the world because of it. i can't keep my other blog going because it takes more tim than this one . but hey atleast you guys can get somewhat of an update.

As For the boy i was crying about in my last post , Nisaiah , so much has happened between us. Over the summer we were on and off. We had such a big fight one time he picked me up and threw me off a bike and i was bleeding. i wasnt scared to fight a boy. but he ran away . As of now we're friends. the feelings are still there though. i steel call him Nanapooh when no one can hear me or when we share a conversation over aim. i still miss him in some ways , but indeed i am moving on from him. im too young to waste my life away on a boy.

Ritee Now iHave to focus on graduating. even though there are many distractions. i guess im starting to discover how i really feel about everything in life. i have gotten over the abuse . yes my father does abuse me ; but in some way i still love him. its more of an obligation to love him though. i try hard not to hate him with every bone in my body . my sexuality ; that's something i shouldn't really worry about aht my age . i cant distract my self with the foolishness of these young boys. no matter how attractive.

I promise that i will try to post whenever i find the time . i love writing about my feelings and getting feedback and all kinds of advice. so please comment and tell me what you have to say. Im kinda BRAND NEW to this all over again . : )

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♥cherry. said...

i'm sorry about the unsatisfying relationship with your father. you aren't alone when it comes to having to love someone who has betrayed and hurt you. i'm glad to see you back and i don't want you to let anything get you down. and if abuse is one of your problems, doll, get out of it! please take care of yourself--don't be a victim anymore! you can love someone, but not be close enough to let them hurt you again. good luck!