S.O.T.D. - Yesterday by Toni Braxton Ft. Trey Songz

Today Was Fun. Lol .

My Twin Got Out Of Jail Yesterday . iWas Soo Happy To see Her today. By Twin iMean My Fakee Twin. We Are the closest friends you will ever meet. iCan tell her anything and don't have to worry about her judging me ! Now iNoee Yurh wondering why she was in jail. she got framed by a kid in one of the special education classes at my school. she left her jacket in one of her classes . some boy put weed in her jacket pocket and showed it to the teacher. everyone thought it was hers and she got put in a juvinielle detention center. that was the day before yesterday...then yesterday we had a whole bunch of cops come to our school for a random search because there was a shooting on seventh avenue the day before. they were taking everyone's cellphones and electronics and you couldn't get it back until the end of the day. luckily my phone has been broken since September.

iTried To Make It My Mission to find the person who framed her but, he came to me. when i walked into the guidance office this boy from special ed. who claimed he was in love with me & kinda stalked me was sitting down talkinq to a bunch of cops. i did the math in my head and became suspicious. i started listening to their conversation and aparently he had been caught with marajuana/weed just like my twin. then on myspace he wrote me proclaiming his love and also admitting to the crime. as much as i wanted to choke him there was nothing i could do. my twin was already out and he was already suspended & transferring. im just glad she is ok. ofcourse her mother doesn't believe her story and is trying to get her tested for smoking . SMH

Today ialmost tackled her when i saw her. i love that gurl no matter how much we fight . and everyone knew about what happened so they made a big deal to. and we also decided to have a BRAWL. Boys Vs. Girls .

It All started when i hit branden . branden is my boyfriend (no one knows about us tho) who has a bunch of crazy friends who either date ; like ; or used to date one of my friends. So his friend hit me after i hit him. then one of my friends jump in. Next thing i noe we are all slamming each other ; running around ; having a jolly old time. i got slammed by numerous boys. i got dragged across the floor . thrown into a few lockers. the works. still even after a few bruises and scratches ; i had a whole lot of fun. we were smiling ; laughing ; goofing off. we all were on camera but, we didn't get in trouble. maybe tomorrow someone will shout us out . that would be kinda funny/bad .

Well i think im kinda sleepy . its been a long long day ! yet it was all fun and games ; even if someone got a lil hurt. lol.

BTW : R.I.P. Branden's Father ; He Died Todayy . SMH



♥cherry. said...

RIP B's father indeed. and tell your friends to be careful with that weed stuff--it can get you into so much trouble!