♥Dream Life♥

Now Playing In My Headphones ; I Need A Girl by Trey Songz (That Gorgeous Man Aboveee ^)

You Know how everyone has an image of what their dream-life would be like ...Mine is SPECTACULAR !

Dream Life: iWake Up Next To The Boy Of My Dreams (And He Looks Like Either Trey Songz ; Fabolous ; Or Timothy ); kinda like Barbie Had Her Ken :) . iWould Be Famous For Either Singing/Rapping/Acting . iWould Be In Magazines & All Over Everyone's Tv. iWould give back to my community & still keep the real friends i had before they liked me for being famous. i would have friends from hollywood and all over. everyone - even internationally would know my name . My nickname would probably be billions or nisey or w.e the people or I felt is right. Later On About My Career's CLIMAX ; iWould Have a beautiful baby gurl or boy. i would spoil them to death but make sure they had their mindset correct. i would make sure their life wasn't like mine growing up. i would teach them right from wrong and give my entire life and devotion to them. i would let them grow up at their own pace ; buht not too fast ; and not too slow . My Life Wouldn't Be Perfect but it would be how i wanted it to be. that kind of dream life....

Too Bad iWouldn't Trade The Life iHad For The World . Yeaahh All the material stuff is nice and i want it ; buhh all i need is all i have and maybe even less than what i have. i love everything that God Or Whoever anyone reads this believes in ; has given to me . :D

Likee A Normal Day For Me - Todayy Was Exciting And Adventorous .

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BROUGHt To You bY BORDEM laNd ☻♥♀♣♠


♥cherry. said...

the last lines of this post are beautiful! and you're a wise lady for having so much insight!