im currently: cryinq my eyes out [11:04 pm]

as i was sayinq. the last day of school turned out to be a bad day. at first nisaiah nd i seemed 2 be doinq the friend thinq ohk. Then all of a sudden he stopped talkinq to me. i didnt want to invade his personal space so i just left it alone. i took the train home with the smut (monee) and atiyana my bestiie. nd not 2 mention nisaiah taqqed alonq. but i think he only came 4 monee. he wasn't talkinq at all. neither was monee it was akward bcuzz atiyana nd i were qoofinq around beinq loud nd they were juss dead silent.
nd when it was me nd atiyana's stop i didnt even hear him say bye 2 me once i said it. my soul almost crushed into a little ball. i thouqht we were friends. even tho i hoped we could still be somethinq more deep down inside. as atiyana was walkinq me home. we poured our hearts out about those stupid old boy problems we had. but there was nothinq either of us could [or so we thouqht] bcuzz it was the last day of school. there would be a whole 'nother 3 months until we saw them...nd riqht b4 atiyana nd i parted i told her i was qoinq to cry when i qot home. then i was qoinq 2 take a nap.
later on that same day i packed my clothes nd qot ready 2 qo to cierra's house.

im qoinq 2 try 2 finished the next post buht riqht now i cnt even think. im cryinqq 2 much. hopefully 2mmr ill have a better shot. nd ill let u guys noe why im cryinq. juss know it has 02 do with nisaiah.

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Anonymous said...

Oh:( I hope things get better.

♥cherry. said...

i hope that you can stop crying. feel better and post about it!