New Year . Same Denise ?

2k10 = 2010 ! Happy New Year =]

Where To Begin ? See So Much Happens When i dont blog. Its been exactly a month since my last post. And Since i have only one consistant reader im guessing im not missed. =[

  • My Grandmother Died [Dad's Mother]

  • Got put on lockdown by parents

  • Many people at my school believe I Made this fake myspace page that talks horribly about people from my school and people who have relations to my school

  • Branden & Me <3>
  • Christmas Was Amazing / New Years Was Spectacular

  • Started Trying to pick my grades up

  • Got Belly-Beads (Beads that you put around ur stomach and never take them off until one day they pop

  • Recieved 200$ From this guy who's obbsessed with my mother

  • My Allergies have been getting worse (puking involved & lost the ability to taste food)

  • I kissed Timothy & Regretably "cheated" on Branden

  • joined a team called "Young Gunna Barbies" dnt get me wrong i will always hate BARBIE ! Lol

  • I Have Become Addicted To Sour Patch

  • still love almost every kind of ugg boot

  • Almost got a girl jumped because of a big misunderstanding. and got our parents involved and somehow her boyfriend . now were friends & ive known her boyfriend since last year - He still likes my fake twin even if he has a girlfriend

  • Slammed Branden's Head into a wall making him bleed & have to get stitches ; ACCIDENT so he forgave me (They had to shut down the school nurse to take care of him)

  • became in love with TWITTER ! Its Really Fun
  • New Crush - Cant make something happen because 11O5O9 Is taking place
  • Marquise Still travels through my mind daily ; wonder if he found something he thinks is better than me ? =/
  • O9O3O7 (Twin Date) TwinShip Builds Stronger And Stronger
  • pick my little brother up from school everyday now

Thats About It .

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