Enough About Me Though . Let's Talk About You

S.O.T.D. Prom Queen By Lil Wayne [Typical Highschool Story] (Random Pics Of Me & Others Above . =]

HeHe New Crush Of The Week ; Since It Seems To Chanqe Every Week : Elijah ! [No Need For An Intro He Mitee Not Last Long]

Sometimes I Just Wonder Why Life Is Life . And Then I Take My Self On This Day Dream Journey About All The Things I've Been Through . Why Are Girls So Fragile sometimes ? Do We Listen To Those Fairytale Books That Make Us Think Love Is All Flowers & Kisses & Sex ? Well Its Not . So Far iLearned That Older People Are Right . Some Of Us Youngin's Just Don't Know What Love Is . Its More Than The Cute Stuff ; Love Has Its Own Mask That Makes It Look Pretty . But, Love Can Be A Trap Or It Can Be The Key To Your Life . Love Has So Many Faces . But , This Is Just How iFeel About Love . iCould Very Well Be Wrong .

Another Wonder About Life Is Music. Music To Me Is Food For The Soul. Music Is Everywhere , you just Cant Escape It . I Love Music More Than Life Itself Sometimes. Music Has Pulled Me Through Abuse, school , Social Issues , And A Bunch Of Other Crap. There Is No Life If There Is No Music . Even If It Is That Song That You Jus Cant Seem To Get Out Of Your Head That Day & Its Just Keeps Popping Back Up At Random Times .
Everyone Wonders About Something In Their Life . It Could Be The Simplest Things , Like Why Are There Trees Or Why Did The "Creator" [For lack Of A Better Word] Create Us. So Many Wonders But , iGuess That's Just Life . Will It Be Like This Forever ?

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♥cherry. said...

yeah, there's GOT to be a reason that folks call it puppy love. maybe we really don't know what we're doing when we're that young. we just know what it feels like.