What's Up ?

Today In New York , Its Super Hot ! Just Like Yesterday . Lol ( Pic Above From Friday , In School )

I think today I am Seeing A Movie . Im Not Exactly Sure. So For Now I Took Some Time To Post ! Well Here We Go...

Boys Are Big Temptations . Most Girls Like Them & Most Of Them Like girls . They Have It Much Easier Tho . If You Thnk About It Girls Go Through All The Hardships & Junk ! We Have Our Period , We Give Birth, We Carry The Baby For 9 Months Before We Give Birth , If We Screw As Many People As They Do We Are Considered Sluts , And They Have A Better Time With Society ! Now Swallow All Of What I Just Said . Its True Right ? Lol

For Example A Boy Named Jafari ( Wierd Name I Know ) Who Used To Go Out With This Girl Named Dominique In My School , Who Im Really Cool With , Likes Me . Im Not Going To Lie There Is A Mutual Attraction But It Could Never Happen . For starters He Used To Go Out With Dominique & I Call her My Sister & He Is Really Good Friends With Branden My 11O5O9 . And Also Im Kind Of Occupied By A Whole Bunch Of Other Important Things !
Anyways Catch Me Some Other Time . Comment The Posts Though :)
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