Can you really label this?

creating the new beggining isn't so hard. my goodness i think i just finihsed reading one of the best books i have ever read. anyway im not going to keep my other blog. i've given it a lot of thought and i don't have time. can you believe that?! my young life is being filled with no time. Ok since i have blogged in a couple days i have exciting news....eeeppp!!! guess who larry is now associated with ever since he dumped got it ME! when he told me they were through i went ballistic..i wanted to bounce of the walls. so he asked me if i would take her place blazay blahhh...ofcourse i said yes! I am so we're meeting up soon. i don't wanna take any of my friends but then again cierra could be a huge help...omgeeshhh i can't wait to see him. im just......speechless about this whole situation :-D. Me and Larry....*sigh* please pinch me if im dreaming. ok so so so so so so i will post later but im headed straight to school right now. I'm so freaking ready to go to school for some odd reason...just for the social life i am now in complete control of!!!

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live2laugh said...

omg, you're pictures are amazing. i love them

and congrats :)

♥cherry. le. fait. said...

i'm excited for you! i hope you continue to be happy!

Anonymous said...

check it out:)

Kendra Logan said...

Congrats!!!! Lol, I don't know you or Larry, but I'm happy for you, haha!

ki' said...

Hey, this is regarding a comment you sent me a while ago about chaning your hair colour?

I haven't a clue what you look like, but given your blog i'd say you would be willing to go a bit crazy with the colour;)
But it all depends on what would suit you really so I'm going to make you a sort of list:)

If you're pale, you will practically suit every colour, I am and i've been almost every colour under the sun, be careful of blonde though because if your hair isn't in very good condition, going blonde would be a bad move, also, never go blonde using home packs, always go to a hairdresser for blonde.
If you are asian, you can still go blonde but I would discuss with the hairdresser what type of blonde, however red all over is out of the question, it will look odd next to your skin, however if your hair is naturally dark then chunks of any colour in your hair will look amazing apart from orange.
If you are black the same rule applies, you can put any colour in your hair as long as it isn't all over.

If you want me to be more specific to you, comment me back and tell me what you look like and i'll be able to guide you a bit more:)

Dez [loves justin] said...

im happy for you! hope everything turns out amazing!! nice blog check me out sometime if you are extra bored ;]