2011 Im Ready To take You On

My New BFF :) I Call Her My Twin ! ( We Were Making Fun Of Fake UGGS )

Us Again - *

My Little Brother & I ♥

One of my sisters & I

My Cousin Annna ♥ She's Coming To My School Next Year =D

My New Friend Jami :) I Call Her My Bitch :) Lol

GiANTS ^^^^^^

Priscilla & I - She'sss My Locker Buddy

I don't like my father but we have our moments *

Priscilla & I Again

Kinda late for a new years post huh ? Well I'm always late . Fashionably of course.

Well Notre Dame ( My New School ) Is One Of The Best Things That Ever Happened To Me. New friends, new teachers, new environment , new everything ! I needed a fresh start & that's exactly what I got.

I'll continue posting of course. I can't right now because I have track in about in hour and gotta prepare myself !

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