I am a Teen

Being a teenager I go through some of the hardest things possible. This is going to be the most confusing part of my life. Even though I Have been a teen for quite some time now, this is just the begining !

I learned today that I have no friends at all :) Just To Sum It All Up . The Story Is kind of harsh and makes me want to cry every time I think about soo . . . I Don't think I Can Manage writing it . . .

No Friends . . . No Friends at all . . . Only People who are here for me are the members of my family & a select few people who minus-well be family :( . . . So My life is in an emotional wreck of some sort right now . And I Was looking for something to do with this wreck & I Thought to myself . . . Why Not blog ?

Well this fall I will be attending a catholic school in downtown Manhattan so i'll be home free of Frederick Douglass Academy , And I Will Make New Friends :) I Guess That's the bright side to it all . So life isn't all that bad . I Think I will be able to manage my wreck with some aid =/

I finally think I learned my lesson . . .It took long enough *